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Esports is the only sports branch that can not provide superiority such as match view rates of football matches, and the football clubs continue to invest in Espor as an industrial sector. However, football teams have started to take it serious by starting league sponsorships, brand collaborations, and so on.

I would like to give some examples; In March 2018, FC Barcelona announced that the club itself will take place in PES2018 League. Of course, we can say that player of FC Barcelona Gerard Pique who is one of the founders of the eFootball.pro company; cooperates with KONAMI, has a share in this partnership. However, it seems possible to create a successful interaction when we consider the impact that the club has on the Korean market. For the moment, we are waiting for news about the possible progress in the future.

A similar co-operation came from Manchester City FC, one of the UK’s leading football club, while the developments in Spain were similar. The club, which sponsors the FIFA Online 4 tournaments organized by Korean game company Nexon, will take place in online and offline tournaments. The next move of the clubs is eagerly anticipated which are aiming to maximize the masses reached by agreements made in Europe and the Far East market.

Another successful European football club in Italy, AS Roma Club, agreed with FNATIC team’s FIFA players, ( also, FNATIC has CS: GO and League of Legends teams which are made an impression) and even made a signing ceremony.

In Germany, one of the leading countries of industrialized football, Esports investments continue to grow rapidly. Teams such as Hertha BSC, Bayer Leverkusen, VfL Wolfsburg, Hamburger SV are now booking them in this arena. With the impact of Virtual Bundesliga, those teams, which will be able to achieve different achievements in the years to come against Bayern Munich, that’s why, they will have the opportunity to increase their brand value and awareness.

Because, the competition in this area is different than we know. In global Esports tournaments that we are talking about a more balanced struggle among some clubs. Tournaments and teams of different countries of different leagues meet each other. For example, Brøndby IF’s debate with Paris Saint-Germain on how likely it is to compete in the Champions League final, but we can watch same scenario well in a Esports competition.

With the rise of Esports and the gaming sector; In the transfer of Esport players – compared to the scale of the Esport world – the number of people who believe that ‘astronomical’ numbers will be spoken is rapidly increasing.

The future promises us new developments. The existing clubs in football can start their own Esports infrastructure investment in the future and start to build facilities / gaming houses for the stability of the success.

It may be a brave statement, but Esport’s reflections on football may change the rules of football in the future. The greatest motivation in this area is: new generation are connected to the roots of the developing nations, but that they learn how to live the world they live in more practical and consumable way. To keep up with such a mass could be the biggest action the clubs will have in the coming years.


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